Why Walmart has to pay the workers who make indoor paintball equipment

Walmart is paying some of the workers at its indoor paint ball factory to make their paintball machines.

They’re getting a $1.9 million salary boost and about a quarter of a million in overtime.

Walmart says it has to keep the machines running because they’re expensive.

Workers are getting paid for time spent on the job, and Walmart says the machines are safer than what they used to be.

Walmart is the world’s largest maker of paintball products, and its paintball factory in Arkansas was the scene of the largest explosion in US history when a fire destroyed the facility in 2010.

In 2015, the company announced a program to pay paintball workers a $4.9 billion incentive package over the next five years.

The money is for a variety of equipment, but the majority of it goes to the machines that can shoot a projectile up to three times as high as normal.

Walmart has been paying the workers for years and has been pushing for the incentive program for years, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Walmart said it will pay the incentives to the paintball teams for four years starting in 2019.

It will then pay them for five years and pay them a bonus for every additional year that the incentive is in effect. 

The incentive is meant to encourage paintball players to come to the US and get jobs in Walmart stores, but workers at Walmart paintball factories say they’ve been treated like second-class citizens.

“I was here for five months, and then I was out of the country, and they pay me $10 an hour.

I don’t know what else to do.

I’m still making $1 an hour,” said T.J. Brown, a paintball player who works at the Bentonville, Arkansas facility.

“It’s hard to put food on the table.” 

Walmart also has an incentive program in place for indoor paint balls, but that program has not been active since 2016. 

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