What we know about the ‘biggest day’ of the AFL season as the season comes to a close

The AFL has officially begun, and with it a lot more than football.

But the season is about much more than the AFL.

It’s about a whole host of other things.

This is what we know so far:  1.

The Grand Final is still to be played.

The AFL has confirmed the AFL Grand Final will go ahead as scheduled on Saturday night, March 10, in Melbourne.

That means the NRL will play a one-off game against South Sydney, while the AFL has also confirmed a two-year extension to the AFL grand final to take place in Melbourne in 2020.

That would be the last Grand Final of the new decade.

It is also the last major game in which the AFL and NRL will face each other, and the last game in Melbourne to be contested on the footy field.


The AFL is now set to host the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Melbourne Cricket Ground in May 2020.

Melbourne is the final destination for the AFL to host its grand final.

The grand final will be played on the same field as the AFL’s season-opener, and is expected to attract about 10,000 spectators.

The NRL has also committed to a big increase in its grand finals.


The season-opening clash between the AFL-Melbourne premiership-winning Saints and the Sydney Swans will be staged at the new AFL grandstand at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, which is now being developed.

It will be the AFL premiership game, but with a different venue, as the Sydney Stadium was previously the AFL stadium.

This means it will be a two hour match with the AFL in the MCG, and a much shorter match in Etihad.


The inaugural game of the 2021 AFL season will be between the Western Bulldogs and the Melbourne Storm at Etique Stadium in Launceston.

The game will be broadcast on ABC TV and ABC radio.


The first game of 2018 will be held at the Adelaide Oval in Adelaide.

It’ll be a four-round game, with the winner advancing to the Grand Final.

The other four rounds will be two-leg knockout matches.


The opening round of the 2021 AFL season sees the Collingwood-West Coast clash played at Adelaide Oval, with both sides set to be ranked in the top-five teams in the AFL ladder.

Colling Wood will play West Coast in the first round.


The Adelaide Oval game will see the Collingswood-Geelong clash played on Sunday, March 11, the same day as the grand final, with Geelong playing Adelaide at the MCg.

It should be an entertaining clash.


The new AFL-New Zealand clash will take place at the SCG on the Saturday before the AFL national draft.


The 2019 AFL premiers will be announced at the start of the pre-season.

It kicks off on Thursday night, February 12, with three games to be announced.


The 2020 AFL season is set to start on Saturday, March 9.


There are plans to open the 2018 season with an AFL premier side, with Sydney, Hawthorn and Geelong set to field two teams.


There will be an AFL-Tigers premiership side, along with three other teams.


The 2022 AFL season kicks off in February.


The Victorian Grand Final takes place in September, with Collingwoods-Essendon and Colling-Hawthorn scheduled to face off in the preliminary final.


There is a 2023 premiership round scheduled to start in Melbourne on the weekend of the Victorian Grand Finals.


The Sydney Roosters will play in the 2019 AFL grand finals in front of a crowd of almost 70,000 people.


The Western Bulldogs have confirmed they will play at Etienne Stadium in 2018.

It has been previously confirmed the grand finals will be in Sydney, which would be a great opportunity for the team to showcase its skills in front an enormous crowd of fans.


The St Kilda-West Adelaide fixture has been confirmed as the first AFL fixture in 2020 to be held in Melbourne after the AFL announced it would host the final at the Gabba in 2021.

The Gabba has been a major draw in Melbourne for the past 20 years, attracting more than 30,000 fans a game.


The Gold Coast Suns will host the AFL All-Star game in 2018 and 2019.


The 2017 AFL premies will be on the 2018 AFL grand finalists list.


The West Coast Eagles will host an AFL All Australian team.


The Collingam Bulldogs will play the Brisbane Lions in 2018, the first time an AFL team will play any AFL team outside the AFL region.


The North Melbourne Demons are set to play the Melbourne Demons in 2018 at a venue they have used