What happens when you put a baby’s first indoor playroom in your house?

The internet has been buzzing about a new house, built by a woman who grew up in Australia.

The house is called the Living Room, and it’s going to have a baby shower, a baby-safe outdoor slide, and a playroom that has two walls that you can slide your kids in.

It looks like a real house, and the internet has already been buzzing.

We’ve heard from a bunch of people who want to move into the house, some of whom are already talking about how they’re thrilled to be part of it.

What is this?

The Living Room is a baby room in a house, not a child-safe playground.

You can slide a baby in, but the baby-free play area is in the front, not the back.

This is a big deal.

People are excited about this, and people are saying that the Living Space will be the ultimate child-friendly place.

The Living Room will feature a sliding glass floor, which makes it possible to slide your kid and your wife into it, even if you’re not holding a baby.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a baby sized play area like this.

I mean, imagine a baby sleeping on the floor with the top of its head sticking out, and having to crawl over it to get back in.

This is not a cute thing to look at.

And it’s not really that much fun.

The babies are probably not going to enjoy it, either.

The living space is not meant to be a baby safe play space, but it will be for the baby.

There will be a sliding door on the outside that will slide into a child safe play area, so you can take your kid there when you’re done with work or at home, and they’ll be able to slide in and out of the baby safe zone while they’re there.

It will be great for your family, and great for the environment.

It’s going have lots of seating and it will have lots and lots of play space.

I know lots of people are worried about safety.

People will think this is a toy house.

It is not.

This baby-friendly living space will be in the back of the house.

People are excited to see the LivingSpace.

We love it.

I don’t know what to think about this baby-safes-for-the-baby idea.

This will be an indoor nursery, so it will look like a nursery for the first time in a long time.

There are going to be cribs, but they’ll look like baby cribs.

They’ll look very crib-like.

Here’s the LivingRoom in action.

There are no baby seats.

This means that the babies are going in and they’re going out in the same room, which is going to help to keep them safe.

And there will be lots of space for your kids.

And you can go in and go out in a wide, wide open space.

You’ll have a great time.

This kid-safe zone will be inside the Livingroom.

When the baby gets home, he’s going play on the baby safety zone for the next few hours.

At one point, it’s important for the mom to be present for the entire playtime.

So the baby will come and the mom will sit in the baby room for the whole hour.

She will be there for a while.

It will be exciting.

The baby is going home and playing on the living space.

He’s going on a playtime walk.

The baby is doing the “hanging out” thing for the rest of the night.

It really looks like the baby is hanging out in his room.

So now that you have your baby in the Livingspace, you can move into your house and start working on that baby-safety zone, because you’re the baby now.

You’re going to put the baby in a safe zone, but you’ll have the space for a baby too.

I think we’re going a bit more baby-friendliness in the next couple of years.