What does it take to be the coolest dad? – In the age of Instagram, this DIY mum has a go!

Outdoor pools, poolhouses, swimming pools and the like are now a big part of our lives.

But there’s a problem with that, and it’s pretty hard to be an awesome dad.

We know this, because we’ve seen it happen.

From our kids to our spouses to our parents to our kids, we all have our share of dad problems. 

It’s time we said sorry, and said sorry to our children and their families, and to the men and women who have been in the trenches of the modern dad.

We know that the man is no longer the one who walks through doors and gets the girls out of the way, and the one responsible for their comfort and security.

But he is still the one that looks after them, that nurtures them, and that gives them their privacy, and a home they love.

That’s what we want to do with these 50-plus-page parenting books.

We want to help you find your ideal dad, so you can be that dad.

We’re going to help dads with their best-kept secrets.

This book is the perfect book to give to your kids, because it is based on the experience of dads, and dads are no longer just men who are the ones to get out of bed in the morning, go to work and cook dinner.

We’re going the extra mile to make dads a part of their lives, and so we’re going with a book that has the authenticity of the real thing, and has been lovingly crafted by real dads.

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