This year’s kid’s indoor trampsoline has a futuristic look

The kids’ indoor tramping scene is about to get a whole lot more futuristic than it has been in years.

The New York City Department of Education has officially unveiled a new set of plans that will transform this area of the city into a citywide outdoor trampoline.

According to the New York Daily News, the new plans are a major step forward in the city’s efforts to “create an indoor environment that is inclusive, fun, safe and healthy for all.”

The plan will be released in June.

As with any major project like this, there are many factors that need to be considered before the city decides to implement the plans.

According to the Daily News:The plans will also include many new features, such as a playground, trampole, play areas and a walking track.

They will be updated regularly with updates from the city, and the plans will be reviewed and approved by the City Council.

As for what will actually be done with the indoor trammies, the Times reports that the city is hoping to install new safety features that would allow for “a safer, more fun, more open environment for all participants.”

The new trampoles will include a rope, a rope bridge, a trampoll, a pull-up bar, and a rope ladder.

The new plans will feature a full-size trampool, which will have a tramping station, an area for safety purposes, and will be built by New York-based company, Conexion.

The trampools will be able to move and rotate in tandem, and have a capacity of about 300 cubic feet.