The next major event in Melbourne’s CBD is happening at a park

The next big event in the Melbourne CBD is expected to be happening at one of the city’s parklands, which will allow the city to showcase the future of the future.

A new park is being built to house the first-ever Urban Urban Outfitters, a new design studio that is being led by Melbourne architect Peter Haines.

The park is the first in a series of parklands planned for Melbourne by Urban Outfits, which are part of a $400 million investment by the city in 2020.

The new park will allow residents to use the space to run, park, cycle and walk to work.

There will also be a new skate park, indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, sports ground and a cafe.

The Urban Outfits park will also allow the development of a new cafe in the future, with plans to expand the existing cafe into an event space.

Urban Outfits is a design firm that has a reputation for creating beautiful and efficient spaces for its clients, and the design studio has been described as Melbourne’s most sustainable design firm.

It is expected the new park would be completed in 2019.

The first Urban Outfitting park is expected by 2019, with a second set of plans to be built by 2021.

UrbanOutfitters have been running for 10 years, building a design studio for the city that was later sold to developer The Group, which plans to develop the site into a new hotel, restaurant, cinema and shopping precinct.

In September, the City of Melbourne announced that it had selected Urban Out fot the Urban Outbuildings to develop a new parkland in the CBD.

Urban outfitters chief executive David Jardine said the first UrbanOutfitting park would not only showcase the latest in indoor cycling and urban design but also create a venue for the community to learn more about the future urban lifestyle.

“We have an opportunity to develop our park and to bring together people of all ages and abilities to share ideas and share experiences,” Mr Jardina said.

“It will give a unique platform to engage the community with new urban ideas.”

He said the UrbanOutfits park would also help the city connect with the next generation of visitors.

“People of all shapes and sizes are going to be able to walk or cycle to work, to go to a meeting, or even to enjoy the outdoor life of Melbourne.”

They can also enjoy a bit of a stroll in the park and enjoy the opportunity to take in the beauty of the skyline,” he said.

Mr Jardin said the new UrbanOutfits Park would also be home to the first indoor swimming facility in the world.”

This is a really special location and we’re going to make it a world-class swimming pool,” he explained.”

The water will be pumped up and out and there will be different types of water pools, a pool for kids and adults, as well as a separate one for women and children.””

We will be providing a full range of swimming facilities including a pool to swim with a bar and lounge and we’ll be running a waterpark for families,” he added.”

There’s going to also be opportunities to learn about sustainable design through a workshop and also by joining the UrbanRunners.

“UrbanRunners will be running from March to June at the new Parkland.

The Melbourne city council has commissioned Urban OutFitters to develop, manage and build a parkland for the Urban Runners, which aims to create a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for the running community.

The site will also include a new public space and new gardens.