The Lad, The Movie: The Indoor Aquatopia

“Aquatopia” is the world’s first indoor outdoor basketball hoop.

The Aquatopian Basketball Association (ABAA) has grown into a $7 million, five-year endeavor that is helping thousands of kids and adults around the world learn to play the sport.

The sport is being taught in more than 120 schools in more that 100 countries.

Here are five things to know about the indoor arena: 1.

The arena itself is the work of two individuals, but the basketball court is all by one person.

“We were very fortunate to have the time to get this done,” says Kevin Wieber, president of the ABAA, in a video for the team.

“It was such a big undertaking.

We did not want to have this go all by ourselves.”


The ABAA’s indoor basketball court was constructed by a group of volunteers who spent months building the entire court, from the perimeter of the gym to the edge of the court, according to Wiebber.


The court is so big, the two men working on it must wear their own equipment to the court.

The team has to walk over the courts surface to get access to the net and court.


The courts floor is made up of concrete, glass and fiberglass panels.

“The basketball court itself is a very, very impressive piece of engineering,” Wiebert says.


The two men who are working on the arena are both certified physical therapists, and each has developed his own technique for playing the sport, according the team’s website.

The athletes wear full protective gear, including protective helmets and protective gloves, and are allowed to play on their own, according Wiebern.