[Spotted] New ‘Star Wars’ Locations in New York

Posted February 11, 2018 02:15:46In a new post on his personal blog, actor-director JJ Abrams revealed that he and his team at Lucasfilm have already begun work on new locations for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

The new locations are going to be set on an old Imperial Death Star, which Abrams describes as a “slightly modified version of one of the Death Stars that’s seen in Return of the Jedi.”

While Abrams was hesitant to reveal too much about the new locations, he said the new set will likely be located on one of those Death Stars, although Abrams did note that it’s “probably” in the same vicinity as “the Death Star itself.”

In addition to the old Death Star being located on the same location as the old Empire’s Death Star in the movie, the new location will also be located at the very bottom of a new Death Star’s elevator shaft.

In terms of the overall design of the new Death Stars set, Abrams explains that they’ll likely be built around “a large hangar” that will likely have the same interior and exterior layout as the Empire’s old Death Stars.

Abrams also says that they’re looking to “redesign the ship so it’s not just a massive tank,” which may be the most obvious way for the Death Star to look like the old ship.

While the new sets may be a bit of a departure from the Empire and Rebels sets seen in the films, Abrams says that the new ones will “make them more like the Rebels sets.”

He also says the new Star Wars sets will likely feature “a lot more dynamic lighting” than the old sets, and that the Death STARs will probably feature a new, larger hangar.

Abrams said that he was also looking forward to seeing “how the Rebels set will look on set, so hopefully that’s something that’s coming in the next couple of weeks.”