New York: New York State to launch $1 million indoor gardening initiative

New York, NY – The New York Department of Agriculture announced on Thursday the establishment of a new indoor gardening program for New York City, New York’s second largest city.

The program will support up to 30 gardeners, and will include two- to three-day-long training courses.

The training will be taught in two-week chunks during the summer and fall.

The program will begin in the summer of 2018 and will be fully funded with a $1.1 million grant from the New York Parks Department.

The funds will be distributed in two phases, beginning in September 2018.

The first phase will cover the preparation and cultivation of an outdoor garden, such as an indoor greenhouse, for the planting of tomatoes.

The second phase will focus on planting plants for indoor and outdoor uses, such a a a bonsai garden or herb garden.

The first phase, from September to December, will include the training, certification and planting of plants.