Inside the world of Blink-182, the band’s live-action movie

The blink-182 live-actives were the main attraction of this weekend’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.

They were also among the first to walk through the doors of the Marriott San Diego Convention Center, where the show debuted at 11:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Here’s a look at what went down at Comic-con: In a bit of good news for the Blink-180 fans, the group has a lot of new merchandise coming soon.

There will be two new posters and two new T-shirts, which feature Blink-like artwork of the band and an alternate logo, as well as a poster of the show.

The new merch also includes a set of two new stickers that Blink-lite fans can add to their own Blink-themed stickers.

The stickers are available at a discount from the Blink merch store.

The band also announced a new Blink-branded merchandise line of hats and accessories, and an exclusive “Bones” t-shirt, available at the Blink Merch Store.

Check out the photos below for a look inside the Blink shows.

The band also revealed a new song, “You Are What You Eat,” that will be playing on Saturday night, and another new song to come in November, “My Life Is A Maze.”

The band will also be performing on Friday night.

The Blink-trailer that went viral shows a tour of the U.S.A., followed by a performance of “A Night To Remember.”