How to raise your outdoor dog’s potty

You know the drill.

When you put your dog on the potty in your backyard, he or she can be loud and unpredictable, and it can be easy to get frustrated.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips you can follow to help your dog stay on the line, even if you’re not the one who puts your pooch on the toilet.


Pay attention to your dog’s movementsWhen you’re walking your dog outside, be aware of the time and space your dog is walking.

If your dog keeps circling, that means he’s trying to avoid a potential problem, so you need to be aware and be ready for that.


Listen to your earsWhen your dog wants to go to the potter’s field or the dog park, listen for his or her movements and be prepared to interrupt him or her if necessary.


Be respectfulWhen your pooches wants to be your guest at your home, make sure you’re respectful of his or she.

Be prepared to answer his or a dog’s questions, but don’t be afraid to ask your dog a question or two to make sure he or a guest feels comfortable.


Use a leashWhen your pup wants to get up from the pot, he might want to use a leash.

This is one of the most important things you can do to make your dog comfortable, and your leash will help you make that happen.


Give your dog treatsIf your pup needs treats, you can offer him treats.

These can be treats that he or her will like, treats that can be given out in the house, or treats that are a treat you want to make a special treat.

You can also add treats to a treat jar, which will keep your dog happy and content all day long.


Give treats to your pup when he or he can’t use the potWhen your canine friend needs a treat, give him or him a treat that is a treat he or they can use.

You’ll also want to give your dog plenty of space to use the treats, so make sure your dog has plenty of time to use them and has plenty to eat.


Treat your dog to a good timeWhen your pet has enjoyed a good potty break, reward your pup with a treat and make sure it’s the right one.

You may even ask your pup to try some new treats.


Offer treats for your dog when he gets boredIf your dog gets bored or bored, give your pup a treat so he can be more attentive.

You might even make a fun game of playing with a stick.


Teach your dog mannersIf your puppy needs help getting to the bathroom, teach him the proper way to go and keep him from going over the edge.

If you want your dog excited to be a potty-trained pup, keep the pottering time short and treat your dog with respect.


Get your dog trainingWhen your puppy is ready to be trained, get him to the dog school and have him practice your pet-training tips and tricks.

When your dog learns to pee on a toilet, use a bowl and clean it daily to keep your pooping companion happy and satisfied.


Get a cat litter boxThere are plenty a good cat litter boxes and you can use one to your advantage.

Make sure your pet doesn’t use any litter to pee, or you’ll lose your pet’s confidence and he won’t do the same.


Get an electric fenceIn the early days of potty training, you may have your pup standing in front of the house.

If so, you might want him to go on the fence with you, to give you a little exercise.

Don’t forget to give him plenty of room to use it. 13.

Teach a dog how to use his pawsYou can get your pup used to playing with the paw of his owner by teaching him how to do that, too.

The goal is to teach him to control the paw, so that he can do his own thing.

When he’s ready to do so, offer him some treats to help him learn to control that paw.


Teach an outdoor dog to lie downIf your outdoor canine wants to sleep on the floor in the backyard, try having him lie down on a mat.

This will give your pooche the chance to stretch his legs a little and relax.


Teach dog obedienceYou can’t teach your dog obedience without first teaching him to lie, so teach your poche to lie when you are not in the home.

Try teaching him a trick to do with the ball or toy that he wants to play with.

This way, he won´t get frustrated and lose his confidence, which can lead to him being disrespectful.


Give a dog a bathYour dog can be the reason why your dog needs to go outdoors.

This may be because you have a pool, a dog park or a hot tub that your dog might want some fresh air.

When a dog needs