How to put lavender and other indoor plants in your home

In the early 20th century, it was common for the owners of small homes to place lavender, rosemary, parsley, and other herbs in the home.

Today, it is an easy way to grow plants indoors.

But the process is a bit tricky.

How to plant lavender?

The easiest way is to place the plants in the center of your house, close to the stove, on a table or a countertop.

In a few weeks, you can see the growth in the plants.

This is because you will have lavender growing everywhere in your house.

But this method is less effective in cold weather, where the plants may be more difficult to grow.

Another way to plant the plants indoors is to use a “potted” or “bamboo” plant, which can be placed in a pot and set in a shallow area near the stove.

This method can be more effective.

How do I make lavender plants grow indoors?

This method takes a little time.

You can start by putting lavender in a container.

It can be a container that has a lid, a lid with holes, or a lid that has holes.

You will want to plant some lavender near the pot, but make sure it doesn’t touch the stovetop.

Once you plant the lavender on the potting soil, you will want it to be a little deep.

The plant will be a tall plant, so you will need to make sure the plant is a little bigger than the pot.

You want the plant to be about 3 feet (1 meter) high.

When you put the plant in the container, the soil should be about an inch (1.5 centimeters) deep.

After the plant has grown, you should take a knife and scrape off any soil that has become wet.

That will help make sure that the soil is still fertile and not overgrown with weeds.

Once the soil has been removed, you need to place a few drops of the liquid in the soil, so that the lavenders will be growing on top of the pot soil.

The lavender will begin to spread out on the soil and you will see it spreading into the space where the pot was when you planted it.

The process will take about a week, but you will notice the plant grow a little more in the coming weeks.

How long does it take to grow lavender flowers?

Lavender flowers are actually small plants that are attached to the stems of lavender.

They will be attached to some of the leaves of the plant, and the stems will grow from the base of the flower.

The flowers will become larger when the plant’s stem is growing and the flower is attached to its roots.

Once grown, the lavends will start to wilt and wilt, but the plant will eventually start to sprout again.