How a $200m indoor playground could grow into a $300m, 50,000-seat palace

By Michael R. TaylorA new indoor playground for the Palm Springs area is about to open in the historic district.

The $200 million, 50-seat Palm Springs indoor playground is expected to open next year, according to a news release by the Palm Desert Development Corporation.

The project will feature an indoor pool, volleyball court, ping pong court and a large basketball court, according the release.

The project is expected be completed in 2020, and will cost $400 million.

The development is part of a $3 billion, 25-acre development plan for the project, which includes new apartments, office space and parking lots.

The development will include about 50,500 square feet of office space.

Construction is expected begin in the spring of 2021, according a press release from the Palm Beaches Development Corporation.

“The park is expected add hundreds of thousands of square feet to the neighborhood and attract new businesses, residents and visitors,” the release reads.