Giacomo Berlusconi: ‘There’s no room for me to go on’

It’s no secret that Berluscians ambitions are limited and that they are searching for an experienced manager to lead the team into the next season. 

Yet that doesn’t mean that the former Fiorentina, Napoli, Inter and Lazio boss is out of the running to take over at Sampdoria. 

In fact, there is a growing consensus among fans and pundits that Berlico will be able to bring the club back into the Champions League and eventually into the Europa League next season, after spending the last two seasons as an assistant. 

The Italian media is also beginning to give Berluscio more and more credit, with the media outlet Il Sole 24 Ore claiming that the club’s manager “won’t be in charge for the whole season”. 

Berlusconi’s reputation among fans is still high and his success in the Champions Leagues has earned him the respect of a huge number of people around the world. 

But that hasn’t been enough to convince some people to give him the chance to manage the Sampdori club again. 

This is the story of the season and who Berlusco might choose to lead Sampdora back into Europe. Sampdoria The Italian club’s record is currently very bad, having finished the campaign in fifth place and on the brink of relegation. 

They were knocked out of Serie A by Udinese in the group stage, which was their first win against a lower league side. 

With the Nerazzurri losing 3-2 in the semi-final of the Champions Cup, they were forced to play at home against Sampdione, who had won 2-0 against Udinese last season.

Sampsdoria lost that match 2-1, and Berluszio managed to salvage the draw with a 1-1 draw in the second leg at the Stadio Olimpico in Naples. 

Despite their impressive result, it was clear that Sampdioli didn’t have enough players on the pitch to make up for the lack of depth on the bench. 

As a result, Berlusio decided to bench many of his squad, including striker Gianluca Di Marzio, who is still out injured. 

At the end of the year, it became clear that the squad was underperforming. 

Bergs side was only able to win 2-2 with a goal from Andrea Pirlo in the final. 

After winning the Europa Cup, Sampdola were able to reach the Champions Super League semi-finals, but lost to the holders Chelsea. 

However, it didn’t stop Berlusi from signing two players for a massive sum of money, namely goalkeeper Federico Giorgi and striker Antonio Di Natale, who would go on to become world class players. Di Natale Di Nata is the most recent signing for Sampdiola, who joined the club on loan from AC Milan. 

He spent the first two seasons of his contract with the Rossoneri, where he scored 20 goals in 76 appearances. 

His form for the Rossonera was even more impressive, as he was the subject of the most coveted transfer of all time: a player who was rated as the best player in Serie A, in fact. 

For a guy who was only 17 when he arrived at Milan, the signing was huge news, as Di Natai was the first to be brought in from the Serie A. Unfortunately, he never had a good season, scoring just 10 goals in 73 appearances.

The striker was one of the few bright spots for Sampda, as his goal-scoring ability helped them reach the semi final of the Europa League and to the next stage of the competition. 

During the 2016/17 season, Di Nata was a regular starter for Sampdi and was an integral part of the team’s midfield. 

 He was also one of their most dangerous goalscorers, as with 11 goals in 29 games, Di Natali was able to net 4.4 goals a game. 

It’s no surprise that Di Natori had a breakout season, as the striker was rewarded with a move to Inter, where he would spend the rest of the campaign with a Champions League goal every season.

In the final, he was involved in a memorable goal-saving tackle on Andrea Pignatelli in the 57th minute. 

That was the last of Di Natta’s three goals in the tournament, and he would go onto score one in the quarter-finals against Inter. 

Even though Inter would go down 2-3 to Juventus in the next round, Di Napa was one the team had to overcome. 

Following the loss to Juventus, the Italian champions signed the striker for €6.5m, and the Italian press was unanimous in calling Di