The Living Room Candidate, What Is That?

If you have curious about US presidential campaign commercial, then living room candidate is a destination where you find many information from the earlier mentioned. It is actually a site that exhibit any presidential campaign commercial from the very beginning people use TV as tool foe commercial campaign from 1952 to 2012. What you exactly get there? If you look around the site, you will get bunches of things you never imagined before. There are database that you can search where you can get as well the election result, commentary, historical background, and so on.

living room candidate

As to make you easily can search any information that you while spending time living room candidate, guess what? The site is really easy to navigate. If you want to narrow down the option, then you can pick the commercial for presidential campaign through type of ad, issue, and year  when that commercial is aired. Not only in a form of video you can as well find transcript there. Thus, you as they visitor not only can choose the commercial through both the words from the transcripts and the tittle. The commercial comes in many types that include real people, documentary, children, biographical, and so on.

Many students visit living room candidate from some different reasons. First, they want to learn about the political view from each of candidate that is scattered from the past to the future. They use for their own knowledge. In addition, this place is like a warehouse of information anytime they have assignment about presidential campaign and anything that is related to it. Second, some student will do something like combining old commercial and new commercial to create the brand new commercial. Teachers also can take benefit from the site, not stopping there, anyone, even the presidential campaign team has something to learn from it.

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