‘A day at the pond’: Indoor climbing in the garden

An indoor climbing platform was recently installed at the North American Outdoor Cactus Expo in Denver, Colo., but the platform is just one of many such attractions planned for Colorado this year.

The outdoor climbing platform at the Denver Expo was designed by outdoor climbing instructor, Jeff Farrar.

Farrar, who also works as a fitness instructor at the Rocky Mountain Cactus Club, is known for his work with indoor climbing equipment, including indoor climbing walls.

The Colorado State Climbing Council says indoor climbing at the Expo will offer a “full range of recreational climbing facilities” and be the first of its kind in the state.

The state Climbing Committee also is looking for ways to make climbing more accessible for people with disabilities.

Colorado’s Outdoor Climbing Expo is sponsored by the Colorado Climbing Club, the Rocky Mountains Cactus Clubs, and the Colorado Outdoor Recreational Climbing Association.

The state Climbers Committee will host a meeting to discuss next steps in 2018.

Furlong is expected to unveil plans for an indoor climbing wall in 2018, as well.

Furlong’s website says his company plans to open a climbing wall near Denver in 2019.